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Virus Removal

These days, Viruses and Malware are extremely common and are usually the main reason 'Your Local Tech Guy' is called out. Once your computer has been infected with a malicious virus, your Operating System can become completely useless resulting in your data being hidden in TEMP folders. Some viruses can be dealt with fairly easily by ensuring you have some sort of Antivirus software installed on your computer. In some cases these Antivirus software programs can successfully remove the virus without any serious damage. However, you should NEVER give a program which is installed on your computer any credit card or personal information, the main purpose of a virus is to steal from you so NEVER trust something which installed itself with out your consent on your computer. The best way to protect your self from Viruses is prevention, unfortunately there is no 100% fool proof Antivirus, therefore following Tech Check's simple 'AAA steps' you can help reduce your risk of picking up a Virus.

Step 1 - Aware

Ensure you and your family understand all the risks of visiting dodgy websites and downloading false or misleading files and programs. We may come across many programs stating that they can "fix" or "clean" our registry, or that our computer has X amount of infections, and pop ups that ensure by downloading X program it can speed up your computer. Most of these statements can be found on almost any website via dodgy ads and pop ups, especially social networking websites. Usually if you come across a pop up or ad that has requested you to answer a question or download a program, CLOSE YOUR BROWSER or restart your computer. Even by clicking the close icon a virus can still start a background downloader and infect your machine. 90% of these statements are fear induced bait for us to download this magic program that is meant to fix X problems stated by the ad. Yes, there are some legitimate programs that can offer you tools to help optimize your system, but ask yourself these questions. Did i click on it? Does it look legitimate? Is this site safe? No? Then its most likely a virus.

Step 2 - Antivirus

Its highly recommended to keep an Antivirus Program installed on your system because most Antivirus Programs have live protection, which can advise you upon programs that want to run, as well as websites that might not be safe. Mac users should not disregard virus protection either, Mac's Can get Viruses and the Viruses that they can get are very difficult to remove most of the time. The only reason we do not see as many Viruses on Mac's is because the market share is still tipped to the PC world, but as the market share of Mac's increases, so do the Mac Viruses. We find most of the time free Antivirus Programs can provide just as good, if not better, protection then some of the premium Antivirus suites. Take for example, if you buy an Antivirus and still become infected, you may have to pay to get the Virus removed which defeats the purpose of paying for "premium" Antivirus. If we have a a free Antivirus Program installed and end up having to pay 'Your Local Tech Guy' for a virus removal, then your pocket isn't going to hurt as much. Get a free Antivirus and keep it up to date.

click one of the images above to download your desired free Antivirus Program.

Step 3 - Advice

If you still end up getting a Virus after following the last two steps then call 'Your Local Tech Guy' and ask for their advice. The biggest mistake you can make is to try and pay someone on the internet to remove the Virus, whether its a program or someone who has called you up. At Tech Check we want to ensure you don't have any money or information stolen, contact us and we can organize for the Virus to be removed by one of our professional technicians.

All in all Tech Check can remove Viruses and Malware from your machine with no data loss and keep your Operating System intact for an affordable price.



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